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College in the Era of Covid

Posted on July 17, 2020 at 5:03 PM
Should you send your child to college during Covid-19? Lots of parents are wondering if they should. But most parents tell me they feel that this is an important moment in their kids lives and they don't want them to lose out on the life-changing experience of going away from home and exploring the subject they are passionate about.

The best strategy for parents is to be well-informed about the opening strategy to keep students safe next fall. Some colleges have restricted who can return and who will study online in order to have private rooms for students. Other colleges are continuing the practice of roommates but restricting where students can go and with whom. Student health services are keeping closer tabs on student health. Nearly all colleges have adjusted their school year schedule to get students home before thanksgiving for a very long break at mid year which coincides with flu season.

Many colleges are offering students the option to stay on campus or attend virtually. The best strategy for you and your child is what fits you best. If your child has a health condition, talk to your doctor about the best attendance strategy.

Categories: Surviving fall semester fo the senior year