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Summer Plans Anyone?

Posted on May 8, 2019 at 12:41 PM
Make sure your kids have plans for summer that include an academic activity and a volunteer activity. Although summer is a great time for rest and relaxation for families and students, it can also be a time where students lose academic skill gained during the school year. Studies show that students lose ground with reading speed and comprehension. These two skills are critical to academic success as well as college admission success. College admission test scores depend on student ability to read rapidly and comprehend what they read. Students who are out of practice in reading will need time to regain what they lost over the summer. Protect your kids from losing reading skills by making sure they read regularly over the summer. 

In addition to reading and other academically related activities, another great idea for students is to volunteer. It is never too early to get your kids into the habit of helping others. Volunteering helps students grow in many ways. They grow in empathy for others and learn about needs in their community and how they can help. They also grow in self confidence by making a difference and tend to volunteer again on a regular basis once they realize they can make a difference. Volunteering can also lead to taking on small responsibilities that teach leadership skills and time management.

It is never too early to start preparing your kids for college. Summer academic activity and volunteering are two easy ways to begin that journey.

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