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College Talk Blog

If you have accepted your admission are not done yet. Not reading and acting on email can lead to the cancellation of your admission acceptance.


Accepted at College? Don't kick back yet!

Posted on April 25, 2017 at 3:05 PM
This is the week by which students are supposed to make a decision. May 1 is the accept or reject an offer deadline nationally. The exception will be for students on a wait list for a college. Their decisions could come as late as July.

Students who do not officially accept an admission offer by May 1 at most colleges, will lose the admission offer and any scholarship money that was attached to it.

There is more work for students to accomplish during the same time period.
  • register for orientation
  • sign up for any needed placement tests
  • register for housing
  • pick a roomie
Additionally, some colleges provide a boat-load of info and expect students to develop a college course list for fall term BEFORE they show up at orientation.

Many colleges register students for classes at orientation as early as June. Students who sign up late for orientation may find that some classes are filled.

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