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If you have accepted your admission are not done yet. Not reading and acting on email can lead to the cancellation of your admission acceptance.


Follow up or miss out!

Posted on December 15, 2016 at 10:49 PM
I finished my applications...I'm done right? Not by a long shot. 
Completing college admission applications is just the beginning.
If you've done them right, you've got lots of follow up mail to answer.
Follow up mail includes scholarship offers that may require an application
and opportunities to join an honors program.

It is a common misconception among students and families that getting
applications completed is the end of the road for things to do to get in to college.
The students who experience the most success are those who watch their
email as well as the email that a college might have assigned to them. 

Other important messages that students receive include warnings that transcripts or test scores have not arrived or that a reference has not completed their reference form. Additionally, totally new forms pop up that will keep students from being accepted if they do not complete them.

Don't make the costly mistake of not closely following admissions applications to colleges.

Categories: College Admission Deadlines