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I'm 17 and I need a RESUME?

Posted on August 15, 2015 at 6:34 PM
Students getting ready for college application season use resumes for several purposes. The first is a courtesy to the faculty from whom they seek a reference. The reference can be much more informative to the college if the faculty member has a holistic view of the student.

The second way in which high school seniors are using resumes is to make the college application process much easier. Taking the time to carefully document all activities in school and the community as well as hobbies and accomplishments helps students breeze through the activity section of The Common Application as well as individual college applications.

Parents are key players in the resume preparation process because they tend to recall and see the value of all student accomplishments. Using the parent memory bank can help the student prepare the most complete resume. Grandparents are another source of resume support as the ultimate fans of teens. Like parents, they also tend to recall of every cool thing a teenager has done since birth and why they are the most special person on earth.

Categories: College application process