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College Talk Blog

If you have accepted your admission are not done yet. Not reading and acting on email can lead to the cancellation of your admission acceptance.


I've got this handled mom, really

Posted on August 14, 2015 at 12:02 AM
"It's just an application. What's the fuss about? It isn't due yet. Who can't fill out an online form? Essay? I've been writing them for four years. What's the big deal? I'm a good student. I've got all B's and A's almost. I volunteered a few times. I joined a club. I've got friends who went through this last year. They survived ok. Besides, I am nearly 18, almost a legal adult. Shouldn't I take care of the college application stuff on my own? "

This generation of high school seniors is up against more competition for college admission than generations before them. Going over applications with students is interesting. Sometimes, they misinterpret the intent of a question. The length of The Common Application and some of the lengthier college applications often causes them to become impatient. Many teens are scheduled so tightly with activities, even over the summer, that they find it difficult to set aside time to deal with college application tasks. Parents and other relatives can help by offering to read essays and proof reading applications for accuracy and completeness.

Categories: College application process