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College Talk Blog

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Seniors need allies

Posted on September 4, 2014 at 10:06 PM
It is hard for today's parent or grandparent to fathom what the high school senior in their family is up against. No generation prior to this one faced the level of competition for college admission that this generation faces. What good grades used to earn now requires great grades. AP courses and SAT coaches contribute to higher and higher college placement test scores. And excellent academics is not enough to get into college anymore. Now students are expected to also have an impressive portfolio of leadership and volunteer accomplishments in both their high school and community.

Adults with high expectations and limited knowledge of what's needed are destined to clash with the teens in their family. Many teens feel conflicted about how much time to spend on homework, family activities, chores, jobs and college applications.

Unfortunately for today's high school seniors, there is little time to enjoy their last year in school and at home. They are under extreme pressure to do large amounts of work that is not familiar to them in a limited amount of time. The limited time they can spend with parents is too often spent in conflict. High school seniors need supportive parents and grandparents now more than any year of high school.

Categories: College application process