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College Talk Blog

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In-state public colleges don't necessarily offer the best deals available

Posted on November 16, 2013 at 2:04 PM
So many parents tell their kids not to look at out of state and private colleges to save money on tuition. Unfortunately, they are doing just the opposite. Private colleges often have more money to offer in scholarship funds. Out of state colleges frequently offer reduced tuition as well as scholarship money to out of state students. But you must be present (apply for admission) to win.
The best strategy is to search for colleges that offer the best academic programs and are the best fit academically and in size and other features. Apply to 8-10 colleges and then wait for the offers to roll in with the understanding that all offers will be analyzed for the best deal.
Parents who restrict their children to in-state public colleges are not doing themselves any favors. Taking such a narrow view of colleges can cost students the scholarship support and tuition discounts they might have gotten if they had applied at a broader list of colleges. It can also mean a less positive outcome if the student has been kept away from colleges that had the best programs in their field.

Categories: College Costs