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Seven things your high school senior should do now

Posted on June 11, 2013 at 4:47 PM
This fall's high school seniors will have just 6 weeks to accomplish a mountain of college application work...unless they get it out of the way now. They are also facing an expensive school year with senior year expenses and college application and standardized test fees.
Time will be at a premium in the fall. Students who take small bites out of the application monster this summer will be on easy street when their friends are having meltdowns in October. Not sweating mountains of college application essays in addition to their regular classwork in the fall will lead to better grades in the senior year.
There are 7 things that high school seniors should do this summer to get ahead of their college application tasks and keep from being overwhelmed in the fall:
  1. visit colleges under consideration
  2. compare test scores to test scores of admitted students at colleges of interest
  3. make plans to take one more SAT or ACT, if needed
  4. find scholarships and begin the application process
  5. volunteer in the community and consider internship opportunities in the field related to college major
  6. research essays for your college applications and start writing
  7. work at least part time for experience that looks great on college application as well as money to pay costs like application fees, deposits, clothing and technology purchases and other costs

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