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Rx for Teens Who Need an Academic Boost

Posted on May 7, 2013 at 9:55 AM
Whether a teen is behind in academics, activities or college prep, summer provides a second chance to catch up and move ahead. Parents should set summer goals with teens. At the very least, every teen should set a goal to read a minimum of six books over the summer. The best schools often require summer reading for a very good reason. Students who do not read over the summer actually lose what they gained during the school year.
Parents are finding that teens often read more when they have electronic readers. Consider getting one for your teen. Although school systems often share reading suggestions for summer, the most important thing is that students read. Encourage your teen to alternate between books that are recommended and books for pleasure on topics of interest.
In addition to reading, teens can get ahead by boosting their portfolio of academic classes by attending summer school in high school or taking a community college course (age restrictions apply).  Teens can also supplement a lagging activity resume with summer community activity.
Summer camps are another way to ramp up teen achievement during the summer when there are few distractions. There are summer camps for just about every interest and skill in the community and at colleges. Enrolling your teen in robotics camp, soccer camp or personal development camps stimulates growth during the summer in social development and other skills. Since 2010 I have had the pleasure of offering academic summer camps for both middle school and high school students on topics ranging from choosing a college major to getting ready for high school and finding scholarships. Each year, the amount of growth that occurs in one week has been amazing.
Find a summer camp for your teen this summer and watch your teen grow!

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