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College Talk Blog

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Gap Year Anyone?

Posted on January 3, 2018 at 7:21 PM Comments comments (175)
Sometimes stressed-out students wonder if a gap year is for them. It might be just the ticket to revitalize and further explore career interests. But take care to prepare for a gap year, there's work to do first!

The downside of a gap year is that the student can lose valuable time, lose-out on scholarships and make colleges wonder what they've been doing since high school. To avoid those things, students must first choose a gap year plan that dovetails with their goals, apply to colleges and get accepted and get their gap year plan approved by their college. That way, admission is held for them as are scholarships. 

"What? you mean I can't just go to Patagonia on an adventure? I have to put myself through the trauma of college applications first?" Unfortunately, yes. To protect a student in terms of admission, scholarships and being able to make the best use of a gap year, students should be accepted at a college and have them approve the gap year plan.